Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

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Iframe Integration

Collect card credentials and accept payments on your checkout page using our secure iFrame integration being PCI DSS certified. Reduce payment hops and allow customers to make secure payments without leaving your webpage for a seamless experience.

Instant Activation with Plug & Play API

Access computer systems that can adapt to changes in hardware with little assistance from the user. Devices can be added and removed by a user without manual configuration or computer hardware expertise.

Shopping Cart Integration

The online shopping cart is integrated with a payment gateway, usually via an API, to complete the transaction procedure, which involves tax and shipping fees and subtracts discounts via coupons.

SMS / Email Payments

Payment Links offer web merchants a simple and effective multi-channel solution for accepting online payments through a securely generated web link/URL that customers can click on to make online payments instantly.

Multi-Currency Processing

Multi-Currency is a cross-border payment processing tool that helps to minimize friction from online cross-border ecommerce by pricing your goods and services in the preferred local currency of your clients.

Download report in various formats

We provide a set of real-time statistical reports in various formats with complete transparency to get a 360° view of your business performance in the highly competitive online industry.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our insightful data analytics help analyze performance and maximize your business potential.

Smart Processing Capabilities

handle data and carry out several complex calculations quickly within a predetermined time frame.

Advanced Payment Analytics

autonomous or semi-autonomous analysis of data or information utilizing complex methods and technologies, in order to derive new conclusions, anticipate the future, or produce suggestions.

Payment Page Customization

You can track payments without coding, we will simply create a customizable payment page to accept payments both online and offline.

Automated Refund Process Tracking

Digital tracking helps in monitoring the process and prevent manual errors.

Partial Refund

Perform regular, instant, or partial charge refunds to your consumers if they are not captured within the allotted period from creation until the entire charge has been refunded.

Retry Option

It is advised to utilize the retry option to validate the user's intent to try and prevent accidentally creating a payment twice.

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