About Us

About Us

Ecashpay Asia, digital wallet and payment gateway provider

Ecashpay Asia is your all-in-one super app, bringing in a new revolution in digital payments. All of your digital transactions are easy, secure, and free from hidden fees.
Ecashpay is offering new features like residual income, vouchers, claim remittance, higher transaction limits, and other exciting promos. Say hello to your new all-in-one super-app Ecashpay!

Who is Ecashpay

Our company, Ecashpay Asia, provides alternative digital wallet and payment solutions for enterprises, online businesses, and individuals to send and receive money around the world, especially in the Philippines.

Our Vision.

Ecashpay Asia sees ourselves as among the leading business solution providers with local and international presence, delivering exciting and maximum quality payment facilities to our valued clients through seamless innovation and the highest form of security.

Our Mission

Ecashpay Asia brings convenience to its users and the public by providing secured, relevant, reliable, and ingenious payment solutions that connect buyers and merchants and build relationships among all stakeholders.

Message from the President / CEO

Mr. Emmanuel “Manny” Pascual
Founder, President, and CEO of Ecashpay Asia, Inc.

“With the launch of Ecashpay Asia, it is our aim to be the leading super app that is easy to use, safe, and capable of bringing wonders to the evolving local consumer.”

“My goal is to help more of our fellowmen in nation-building and improving lives so they can provide for the needs of their own families. What we offer is an opportunity for everyone to win and enjoy better lives with Ecashpay Asia.”

Our values


Pride is the acronym for the Ecashpay core values that represent our sense of satisfaction with our accomplishments


Feeling the sense of drive and commitment to complete and reach mission and goals.


Being consistently trustworthy and reliable to follow through and function adequately


Being true, fair, and ethical while constantly acting morally upright and without compromising the truth.


Quickly transition and adapt to seek new methods and opportunities that can contribute to the team.


We support, trust, and empower everyone's potential to develop the confidence of every talent and capability.

Meet the Ecashpay Community

Affiliates & Partners

Executive Structure

Ms. Farrah Pascual

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Ms. Farrah oversees business operations, including finance, accounting, purchasing, audit and compliance, HR, and Admin.

Mr. Larry San Roque

Executive Vice President of Technology
Sir Larry supervises the Chief Technology Officer and develops long-term strategies for the company’s projects.

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