Pay with QR

Payments via QR are simple, and there is no need to share your full financial information.


A fully verified Ecashpay account is required before you pay with QR

  1. Launch Ecashpay app and go to Pay with QR
  2. Scan the merchant’s QR code
  3. The merchant’s name will appear on your screen
  4. Enter the payment amount
  5. Review information
  6. Verify and click “Pay”
  7. Enter Transaction Password
  8. In-app Receipt will be generated
  9. You will receive a confirmation message via SMS for your successful transaction
  10. Show the receipt or confirmation message to the merchant

Please get in touch with the merchant to confirm your bills payment if there were any issues with your transaction (incorrect amount, double payment, etc.). There are fifteen (15) days for the merchant to settle with Ecashpay for the transaction. If there is no settlement within the given period, the amount will be credited back to your Ecashpay account. The merchant can help you with the request if the transaction is for a refund.

You may request a reversal via online support ticket if the bills payment is not paid back to your account after fifteen (15) days.

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