How to Upgrade Ecashpay Account

increase your digital wallet limit, gain access to super-app features, and enjoy a more personalized experience.

How do you upgrade your account?

You often need to bring identification with you to the bank branches when you open a bank account. With Ecashpay, it is the same because we must understand who is utilizing our services. It aids in our efforts to stop money laundering and safeguard everyone’s funds.

We may therefore require you to prove your identification in order to upgrade your account and fully access our services. 


  1. Login your Ecashpay account , tap the Verification option on your Profile screen.
  2. As you fill out the required information, remember to upload at least one [1] valid Primary ID or two (2) secondary IDs.
  3. Record and submit a 15-seconds video selfie while holding up the ID next to your face in highest photo quality with enough light.
  4. Remember to position your head and face correctly in the video capture frame and avoid covering any area of your face.
  5. Complete the required fields and make sure the Name and Birthday you input should match to the details on the valid ID you’ll submit.
  6. After reviewing your application, click SUBMIT.

How long does verification take?

By viewing the Verification status in the Profile, you may keep track of the progress of your upgrade application.

Within 24 hours of your upgrade application being granted, you will get an SMS confirmation. Your profile will display the check mark for a fully verified account, showing that your account has been upgraded. Finally, you can begin using the upgraded Ecashpay account’s features!

Which KYC document types does Ecashpay accept?

The information you encoded for your Ecashpay account should match everything on the KYC documents you shared.

Make sure the image is clear and unobscured so that we can see all the details. We also need to examine any information on the back of your document, if there is any.

Make sure the KYC document is not written in a foreign language; we only accept documents with English translations.

create article infographics:  Valid IDs and KYC video

Primary Valid IDs*may submit any of the followingSecondary IDs *should submit any 2 of the following
Philippine PassportDriver’s LicenseUnified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)Social Security System (SSS) CardProfessional Regulation Commission (PRC) IDVoter’s IDDigitized Postal ID (issued 2015 onwards)Government Office and GOCC ID: e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP ID), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF ID)Seaman’s BookGovernment Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-CardIntegrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) IDOverseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) IDAlien Certification of Registration / Immigrant Certificate of RegistrationTIN IDPhilHealth IDNational Bureau of Investigation (NBI) ClearancePolice ClearanceBarangay Certification/ClearanceSenior Citizen CardFirearms’ License CardCertification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP) or Person with Disability (PWD) IDDepartment of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) CertificationCompany ID`s issued by Private Entities or Institutions registered with or supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC, or IC
For Minor/Students:  *should submit any 2 of the following 
Valid photo bearing school ID Signed by Principal or Head of SchoolBirth CertificateSchool Registration Form
ID QualificationsSelfie video with ID Qualifications
ID should match the name of the account holderID should be included in the list of acceptable/valid IDsID should be clear/not blurredID information should be readableID should be up to date/not yet expiredID image file uploaded must be JPG, JPEG/PNG and not corruptedSelfie video with ID must be showing the entire faceSelfie video with ID image should be a selfie holding the same ID uploadedSelfievideo  with ID should be clear/not blurredID on hand should have readable information/not blurred

How is verification conducted?

We often use a photo ID, address documentation, and/or a picture of you holding the ID to verify your identity.

It depends on a few factors as to when and how we identify you:

How much do you send

When you send smaller amounts, we’ll usually verify your identity.

We may ask for more supporting documentation when you contribute significant amounts to demonstrate your source of funding.

What currency you send:

For every amount sent, many countries need identification documentation.

Many other currencies demand additional proof of identity. For instance, receiving US dollars requires logging into online banking.

Some countries and currencies need details about your source of income and your intended use of Ecashpay. If we require this, we will let you know when you schedule your transfer.

How many transfers have you delivered?

While we might initially simply need to verify your identification, we could subsequently need to confirm your address as well.

Once a transfer has started, we occasionally need to request more documentation. You may be assured that our team will make a tremendous effort to quickly verify these documents so that your money can start moving immediately.

Other times, if you make a bank transfer, we can verify you automatically. If your transfer comes from your own bank account and your name there matches the name on your Ecashpay account, we consider this a first form of identity confirmation. In this case, you might not need to do ID or address verification.

Only certain currencies and transfers under Php 5,000 can be processed in this manner. We can’t do this for business accounts, either.

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