How to Cash In

You can fund your Ecashpay wallet at selected banks, with debit and credit cards and through other channels like convenience stores, grocery stores, shopping centers, and more.


A fully verified Ecashpay account is required before you Cash In

  1. Open your Ecashpay app, then choose the “Cash In” icon.
  2. Choose your preferred bank after tapping “Online Banking”
  3. Comply with the bank’s authentication requirements then tap “Verify”
  4. Enter your bank transfer information
    1. Reference number
    2. Amount
    3. Date
    4. Time
  5. Upload Proof of Payment
  6. Input Transaction Password
  7. Click “Submit for Verification” after selecting the source account to be linked
  8. The bank will debit the amount from the associated bank account and top it up to your Ecashpay account once it has been verified and linked

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