Credit to Bank

Transfer funds from your Ecashpay account to the commercial bank of your choice


A fully verified Ecashpay account is required before you send to commercial banks

  1. Open your Ecashpay app, then go to Remittance
  2. Select Credit to Bank
  3. Choose your preferred bank from drop-down menu
  4. Enter your sender details:
    1. Sender full name
    2. Contact number
    3. Present address
    4. Sender’s source of fund
    5. Sender’s nature of work
  5. Upload Sender’s ID
  6. Input beneficiary details:
    1. Beneficiary full name
    2. Contact number
    3. Email address
    4. Birthday
  7. Input bank account details:
    1. Account number
    2. Amount
  8. Review encoded summary
  9. Input Transaction Password
  10. Click Submit
  11. Tracking number will be generated
  12. In-app receipt will be generated
  13. Download receipt or access it again via Reports
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