1. Choose Cebuana Send
  2. Enter Sender/Beneficiary
  3. Enter only the first letter when searching sender and beneficiary name then click the search button
  4. Proceed transaction
  5. Enter all the information needed including the verification code
  6. Click Submit
  7. Generate receipt upon approval
  8. Print and accomplish receipt for safekeeping


  1. Choose Cebuana
  2. Input Reference number (Reference number should start with P followed by 10-digits Pxxx-xxx-xxx-x)
  3. Check Sender/Beneficiary
  4. Choose or upload ID of beneficiary
  5. Enter transaction password
  6. Click Payout
  7. Print, accomplish and upload the POD
  8. Go to Remittance
  9. Select Ecash Payout
  10. Choose Cebuana
  11. Click POD
  12. Choose or upload POD
  13. Click Submit
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