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Buy Special Load

You can easily avail of the load promos from all telco providers whenever you want. Steps

Buy Regular Load

You can easily buy mobile load credits whenever you want from all telco providers. Steps


Cashless Society

Carry all your essentials on your phone with the newest super-app! The idea of a cashless society is introduced via digital wallets. One of the many factors driving the rise in use of digital wallets is the number of smartphone … Read More

Convenience of Cashless Transactions

Now that payments can be done with only a few touches on your smartphone, the days of forgetting your wallet at home and potentially ruining your day by missing obligations or having to travel home to make purchases are long … Read More

Security from Fraud

Fintech, or financial technology, has increased the chances for payment advancement available to both organizations and customers, expediting all types of money transfers, whether they are transactional or personal. While scams are nothing new to Filipino citizens, con artists themselves … Read More

Cash IN

Enjoy convenience  of Cash In/ Out with our multiple outlets When compared to inter-bank transfers, sending money through e-wallets like Ecashpay is easier and more straightforward because there are many more convenient ways to deposit money into and withdraw money … Read More

Claim Remittance

The Philippines, as a heavily remittance-based country, is widely known in the world of financial and economic industries. The rise in the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national income (GNI) is actually attributable to overseas workers’ remittances, which … Read More

Cashless Shopping

Shopping for groceries is a necessary chore that must be done frequently. Because of this, just as with any other routine chore, people are constantly looking for ways to make buying food and other necessities more comfortable. Technology has greatly … Read More

Online Shopping without credit card

The advantages of owning a credit card are undeniable. You feel more in control since you can buy the items you desire or need with ease. This is especially true today because so many people enjoy purchasing online. Also, these … Read More